Wistari Reef

Wistari Reef unveils a mesmerizing underwater sanctuary, brimming with an array of marine life and adorned with intricate coral formations, enchanting the hearts of underwater enthusiasts.

Within the reef, a diverse tapestry of corals unfolds. Delicate fan corals, like the elegant gorgonians and the intricate sea whips, create a captivating spectacle. Massive brain corals and boulder corals

stand as majestic structures, while vibrant soft corals, such as the swaying sea pens and the feathery sea fans, add an ethereal beauty to the underwater landscape. This kaleidoscope of corals forms a breathtaking ecosystem, offering vital habitats for countless marine organisms.

As you explore Wistari Reef, you’ll encounter a vibrant community of marine creatures. Shoals of colorful reef fish, including wrasses, and butterflyfish, animate the coral gardens with their dazzling hues. Graceful sea turtles elegantly glide by, and playful dolphins dance through the waters. Glimpses of elegant eagle rays and shy cuttlefish add to the mystique. Keep your eyes open for the elusive presence of reef predators like the well-camouflaged stonefish or the graceful white-tip reef sharks.

Wistari Reef presents an immersive experience, where a symphony of marine life and captivating corals create an underwater wonderland. It’s a realm that invites exploration, respect, and conservation, urging us to cherish and safeguard this precious natural treasure.


The Gooreng Gooreng, Gurang, Bailai and Taribelang Bunda peoples are the traditional custodians of the Sea Country around the reefs we visit. Evidence of Great Barrier Reef Sea Country connections dates to more than 60,000 years. When you visit the Southern Great Barrier Reef, consider that you’re travelling through Sea Country that has spiritual importance.