May Events in Agnes Water/1770

So much is happening in May! As locals this is our favourite month of the year! For those lucky enough to be visiting during May you will have an experience like no other. 1770 Festival Agnes Water & Town of 1770, is getting ready to fire up again this May into a colourful kaleidoscope, showcasing the incredible […]

Coral Bleaching

Talk about cruel Summer!Our 2023/2024 summer was incredibly warm for us. We saw water temperatures reach up to 30°C. The heightened water temperatures set off a bleaching event on our reefs.Bleaching happens when extreme changes to the water conditions stress out corals. It is not only warm temperatures that can cause bleaching, but also :– A decrease in visibility– […]

Addressing Climate Change

Green Turtle sitting amongst bleached coral Climate Change: A Call to Action for Our Planet Hey there, fellow Earth stewards! Let’s tackle the tough topic head-on – climate change. While it might seem overwhelming, it’s crucial we address it. So, let’s cut to the chase and dive in! Breaking It Down Climate isn’t just about […]