Advanced/Deep Diver

Elevate your diving expertise with our SDI Advanced Adventure and Deep Combination course, a premier program designed to enhance your skills and open up new underwater horizons. Throughout this comprehensive course, you will attain both the SDI Advanced Adventure and SDI Deep Diver Specialties, empowering you to dive with confidence and proficiency.

Embark on a journey of six dives where you’ll refine your abilities as a diver, mastering advanced buoyancy control, navigation, and the art of deep diving. In addition to these fundamental skills, you’ll undertake two flexible dives in distinct specialties, tailored to mold you into the finest diver possible. By the course’s conclusion, you’ll be certified to dive to a depth of 40m, equipped with the competence and knowledge to explore the depths with assurance.

Take your diving prowess to the next level by seizing the opportunity to become Nitrox certified simultaneously. Opt for the Hattrick and enroll in our SDI Computer Nitrox Course alongside your Advanced/Deep Diver Course. Not only will you extend your bottom time and alleviate fatigue, but you’ll also relish the comfort of diving with Nitrox. Delve into the theory behind Nitrox diving, learning how to apply it to plan deeper dives, and gain hands-on experience with Nitrox fills during your boat dives.

At our training center, we prioritise personalized instruction with a maximum student:instructor ratio of 4:1. Our courses emphasize teamwork, fostering the skills needed for effective collaboration as dive buddies, regardless of where your diving adventures may lead.

The three day course includes:

  • E-learning component
  • Engaging classroom sessions
  • Six ocean dives included
  • Dedicated day for wreck diving
  • Immersive educational experience
  • Two certifications - advanced adventure and Deep Diver