Computer Nitrox

Become a Technical Diver:

Advanced Nitrox / Decompression Procedures Courses

Explore the depths with Dive Spear and Sport as we combine the TDI Advanced Nitrox and TDI Decompression Procedures Courses into a comprehensive program. These courses lay the groundwork for your technical diving journey, enabling divers using standard open-circuit SCUBA equipment to dive up to 45 meters and manage dives with mandatory decompression stops. Additionally, you’ll gain certification to use enriched air nitrox with oxygen levels ranging from 41% to 100%.

This program serves as a gateway to the deeper and more mysterious realms of diving beyond recreational limits. It’s designed for individuals looking to extend their bottom time and expand their knowledge of decompression theory and techniques.

Our 4-day course includes:

  • Engaging eLearning Modules
  • Interactive Classroom Session
  • Practical Pool Session
  • 4 Ocean Training Dives
  • 2 Deep Boat Training Dives