Prepare to take the first significant step into the world of dive professionals with the SDI Divemaster Course offered by Dive Spear and Sport. Whether you aspire to become a professional, an educator, or simply aim to enhance your diving skills, this course is tailored to meet your objectives. It’s worth noting that this is a challenging and intensive program that will push you both physically and mentally; however, the rewards by the end of it will be immensely satisfying.

Our Divemaster Course is meticulously designed to elevate your expertise, not only as a diver but also as a leader. You’ll gain the confidence to assume control in a variety of diving scenarios. This course places a strong emphasis on group management strategies, mastery of dive site navigation, operational readiness, dive planning, and effective communication, including public speaking, whether for briefings, debriefings, or conveying your passion for the sport in a professional manner.


Benefit from the wealth of experience possessed by our team of instructors and dive professionals at Dive Spear and Sport, who have worked and operated in Australia and around the globe. It’s important to note that enrolling in this course signifies your commitment to learning and developing as a professional; it does not automatically grant you certification. To attain professional status, you will be required to demonstrate your abilities to your instructor and complete your professional membership process with SDI, which your instructor will guide you through.

Our 11-day course includes:

  • Interactive eLearning Modules
  • Engaging Classroom Sessions
  • Hands-on Pool Sessions
  • A total of 12 Ocean Training Dives