Level 1 Freediver – Pressure Project

Join us at Dive Spear and Sport as the team from The Pressure Project kick off your freediving journey with the two day beginner freediver course. 

You will start your freediving journey with a classroom session, followed by physical techniques in both the pool and the ocean to enable them to achieve maximum propulsion with minimal effort.

The course covers several essential aspects of Freediving, including the physiology and psychology of Freediving, equipment for Freediving, and Freediving safety. Led by Adam Sellars and his team of instructors, the course shares various techniques from Freediving that can enhance mental strength, mental health, and coping skills for stress and anxiety, and achieve calmness before the dive.

Participants of this course can expect to develop skills that will enable them to dive safer, improve their overall health and vitality, explore the underwater world quietly, increase their surfing or spearfishing abilities, and enjoy all the life that inhabits the big blue. They will also acquire skills in breathwork, mindfulness, and calm living, which can help them overcome fear or self-defeating thoughts to enhance their overall well-being.

With experienced instructors on hand to guide you through the learning process, you’ll develop the skills and confidence necessary to push your limits and explore the underwater world in a whole new way.

Don’t miss the opportunity to take the first step towards becoming a certified freediver.