Rescue Diver

Prepare yourself for the critical role of a rescue diver with our comprehensive SDI Rescue Diver Course. In the world of diving, the ability to respond to emergencies is an invaluable skill. This course equips you with the skills and mindset to handle divers in distress effectively.

Throughout the course, we will run a range of scenarios to help you adopt the Rescue Diver mindset and approach, learning techniques such as recovering unconscious divers from depth, executing efficient rescue tows to safety, conducting lost diver search patterns, and responding to panicked divers both on the surface and beneath the waves. This course goes beyond the basics, offering a deep understanding of contingency planning for worst-case scenarios.

Dive Spear and Sport is committed to delivering the highest quality instruction. To provide an immersive and authentic experience, we maintain small class sizes with a maximum of three students, truly simulating the dynamics of a rescue situation. Be prepared for an intense and rewarding day of learning – you might want to clear your evening schedule, as you’ll leave the course brimming with new knowledge, enhanced confidence as a diver, and a readiness for a well-deserved rest.

Become a diver who not only explores the underwater world but is also ready to lend a helping hand when needed. Join us and take your diving skills to the next level as a Rescue Diver. Your journey towards becoming a more responsible and skilled diver begins here!

At our training center, we prioritise personalized instruction with a maximum student:instructor ratio of 4:1. Our courses emphasize teamwork, fostering the skills needed for effective collaboration as dive buddies, regardless of where your diving adventures may lead.

Our course package includes:

  • Engaging eLearning Modules
  • Interactive Classroom Session
  • Practical Pool Session
  • Real-world Ocean Session
  • Comprehensive Gear Renta