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Be a Marine Biologist for a Day: School Reef Education Program

This program is also open to all guests participating in our snorkelling day tour and can be selected in the optional extras section – book now!


Immerse your students in the wonders of marine biology with our exciting educational program designed for school groups. Our “Be a Marine Biologist for a Day” program, created by the Reef Authority, offers hands-on learning experiences both on land and at sea, fostering a deep understanding of marine ecosystems and conservation efforts.

Program Highlights

Day Trips to the Reef: Students will embark on our vessel for a full-day adventure to explore the vibrant coral reefs. Guided by our experienced marine experts, they’ll conduct real scientific surveys, observe marine life, and learn about reef ecology.

Multiple Marine Habitats: Visit Lady Musgrave reef or discover the unique tidal ecosystems of Pancake Creek. Students can participate in interactive activities that highlight the importance of mangroves and estuarine habitats.

Classroom Sessions: Before heading out, students can attend engaging information sessions in our on-site classrooms. These sessions cover essential marine biology concepts, survey techniques, and the use of citizen science apps like Eye on the Reef and iNaturalist.

Educational Objectives

Hands-On Learning: Students gain practical experience in marine biology by collecting data and conducting surveys under the guidance of our expert team.

Conservation Awareness: Emphasising the importance of conservation, students learn how their efforts contribute to the protection and management of the Great Barrier Reef.

Interactive Technology: Training on how to use digital tools for reef monitoring, empowering students to continue contributing to citizen science initiatives.

Why Choose Our Program?

Expert Guidance: Our whole team are passionate about educating the next generation of conservationists.

Customisable Itinerary: Opt to include mangrove and salt marsh eco systems, or on site classroom sessions with our engaging team.

Engaging Curriculum: Our program is designed to be both educational and fun, ensuring that students leave with a deeper appreciation for marine life.

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School programs are fully customisable to suit individual and curriculum needs. Packages can be created to include dive training, local accommodation,  and other experiences.

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