So much is happening in May! As locals this is our favourite month of the year! For those lucky enough to be visiting during May you will have an experience like no other.

1770 Festival

Agnes Water & Town of 1770, is getting ready to fire up again this May into a colourful kaleidoscope, showcasing the incredible range of activities and attractions to be experienced in this stunning coastal location.

This year, like every year, the 1770 Festival organising team met with the Gooreng Gooreng, and together have agreed upon a theme of “Thungall Yinam Gooragan – Foods on top of the Sandy Loam“.

The 1770 Art Show provides a venue for art and artists not only locally, but nationally and internationally. Each year the number of Art Show entries has increased across all art prize sections. 


The 1770 Art Show has become an important event in the art community of the Wide Bay area and the central coast of Queensland. From a small exhibit in a marquee on the Festival grounds, to a widely recognised art event, the 1770 Art Show.

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Celebrating a gigantic milestone is 1770 LARC! Tours. On the 11th of May 1770 LARC! Tours are putting on a huge birthday party at the 1770 Marina. This event is free for everyone.

There will be face painting, LARC! joyrides, food and cake of course. A huge congratulations to Neil Mergard and his wonderful team for reaching 30 years of operations!


DSS1770 Citizen Science Event

Dive Spear and Sport is joining in on the local festivities this May. With our own free local event – Citizen Science Trip to Pancake Creek. We invite our locals to join us in collecting reef health data at a location that is very special to us and our community. We will be learning about Eye on the Reef,  reef stewardship and raise awareness about some of our coastal ecosystems that are connect to the reef.


Perfectly timed with our own event is the Agnes Conservation Community saltmarsh field trip. The connectivity of our local saltmarshes contribute greatly to our reef health, they are undervalued due to misunderstanding. This is the perfect opportunity to learn how this is all connected and the how the saltmarshes are important to the whole community. 

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